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  Shore Excursions and Tours  

 Discover new places, new foods, and new experiences.

 Make your vacation unforgettable with unique experiences that will last a lifetime. From Scuba diving in Belize to lounging at a seculded beachfront resort in Grand Cayman, we have something for you! Why not get the most out of your vacation with an experience that will last a lifetime.


Do you have an upcoming cruise reserved? We offer cruise excursions in all of the major cruise destinations. We can help you find that perfect excursion, either directly with the cruiseline or with one of our other suppliers like Shore Excursion Group, ShoreTrips or Shorefox. All three suppliers offer similar excursions as the cruise lines; however, these suppliers can save you money and excape the crowds on a shore excursion.

Why book an excursion with one of our suppliers versus direct with the cruiseline. Here are a few reasons...

• Lower prices than the cruiseline

• Better quality and smaller group size

• Money back and Lower price Guarantees

• 24/7 Support for you

• Guaranteed return to ship

We suggest you look at all of our suppliers to enfure you are getting the best value and that you find the best shore excursion for you and your family or friends.

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Bahamas Day Pass enables cruisers to access two of the most popular resorts in Nassau, Bahamas, Paradise Island or the British Colonial Hilton while in port! Bahamas Day Pass is an affilited partner, we are contracted to provide advance purchase of Atlantis day pass to cruise passengers.

Click on the logo below to check out what Bahamas Day Pass has to offer.


Whether you’ve never been to a particular port of call or have been there and done that, consider getting a day pass to a beach resort from Resort for a Day. This one-of-a-kind program lets you lounge at some of te world’s most enticing retreats while your ship is in port. Different resorts also provide different types of experiendes through the Resort for a Day program. Some passes may include all-inclusives services, or even a guest room, while others may offer transportation from the ship to the property.

Click on the logo below to see what each resort offers.


Whether you are looking for a scenic expedition through the world’s most breathtaking destinations, an in-depty city tour or a cultural adventure, we have tours in every corner of the world just for you.

Click the logos below to find the perfect excursions to fit your schedule.


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