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Experience is an incredible teacher! Travel has the ability to open young minds, unlock possibilities, and unveil understanding where the classroom just can’t. With our student travel programs, students pay attention, ask more questions, and actally learn more. From the sub-culture of New York City’s Chinatown to Italy’s world-changing architecture, students’ minds open further when they are filled with the sights and sounds of important places around the world. And what they learn on the streets of Boston or in the Tower of London won’t just be filed away for a pop quiz, but for something much more important - life itself!


About Your Hosts


Denise & Davis Glenn, owners of Glenn & Associates Dream Vacations have spent over 30 years traveling the world and experiencing fascinating cultures. They began their adventures around the world in the early 80s and have only grown to love it more.

"Travel is more than a destination, it’s an experience and we have built a life time of memories sharing these experiences with our family." says Davis.

"Sharing our love of travel with our children was one of the gifts we were able to provide them as they widened their sense of adventure and knowledge." says Denise.

As a homeschool family, they enjoyed the freedom to take the classroom on the road. The opportunities to study history, language and cultures first hand were incredible! The Glenns enjoy hosting educational trips domestic and international, giving students and families the chance to Explore Learn and Grow.



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